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The Siol Farm 2019 award from the hands of the and Planet TV team

After having been awarded the Siol Farm of the year 2019 title, we were delighted to once again open the door to the journalists who recognized our work and showcased it on the platform in the first place.

This time, journalist Metka Prezelj arrived together with the Planet TV camera team to present us with the Siol Farm of the Year award and a branded stamp.

The framed award is now displayed in our house for every guest to see and for us to remind us of the responsibility we have towards them.

In the past 13 years, we've managed to build a home for our family and a boutique apartment in the middle of the nature for our guests. The public recognition and support is driving us forward, and we'll do our best to justify your trust in the future.

Once again, we thank all the readers of the portal and the media for their support on our journey.

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