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  • Writer's pictureSaša Č Mrak

Na kupčku has become the Siol Farm of the Year 2019

As we entered the year 2020, we were delighted to hear the news about the trust the Slovenian public has shown towards our work. In the voting for the Best Slovenian Farm of 2019 title on the popular media platform, the readers casted the highest number of votes (15%) to our boutique estate Na Kupčku.

The Farm of the Year project showcased 38 fantastic farms from all corners of Slovenia. The team did a great job and listed many interesting farms, and the competition was serious. We congratulate all the participants and we hope their business got the deserved recognition among the readers of this online news portal and beyond.

We are delighted and grateful to see such a strong support from the readers and our guests who, we believe, were convinced by our story, vision, and everyday endeavors to bring you the best of nature in a sustainable manner.

We thank all the voters who supported and awarded our effort on the estate, our creativity and hospitality, as well as our dedication to preserve our ancestral heritage.

Being awarded the Siol Farm of the Year 2019 title, we are aware that we couldn't have made it thus far without our supporters and guests of the Na Kupčku tourist estate. With your trust, we will continue to develop our modern boutique estate focused on tradition and to provide personalized service combined with local cuisine.


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